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Brain Injuries

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Our lawfirm has handled many brain injury cases over the years with good results. These cases often start with an appointment to a neuropsychologist who will do a battery of tests to determine if a brain injury has occured and what treatment is necessary. We take those findings to the insurance company along with other evidence of injury and treatment and are able to resolve these cases in our client's favor, usually without the necessity of trial. If you think you may have incurred a brain injury in the course of an accident due to the fault of another person, you should call for a consultation with our firm.

Often in an accident a person hits their head on the dashboard, windshield or other object causing a closed head injury. There does not have to be a lot of blood or even a bump on the scalp to have a head injury. A person who lost consciousness will often not know they lost consciousness. These injuries manifest with symptoms of memory loss, confusion, indecisiveness and other noticeable changes in personality. Family and friends will probably notice these symptoms before the person with the head injury notices them. Persons with head injuries are sometimes the worst person to diagnose a head injury.

If you have a brain injury you are not in a position to negotiate directly with the insurance company. This is never a good idea anyway. What you need is an experienced brain injury attorney to advise you and represent you in your injury case.
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