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Ethics and Integrity

I chose a career in the law as my way of helping people. A strong ethical background has been central in my life and these principles have been my tools for guiding clients through difficult times and painful injuries. If you are looking for an honest lawyer, you have come to the right place. Have faith, I do.

There are good reasons to have confidence in the law but don't be naive, you need an attorney you can trust to lead you through the legal process. While our system of justice is the best in the world, you cannot rely on the insurance company to look after your best interests. With the guidance of an experienced attorney you can trust that your case will be resolved fairly.

Some people of strong moral background worry about the ethics of retaining a lawyer in an injury case, they feel if they were to go to court against the other driver's insurance company they would be doing something wrong. First you should know, I am able to settle most cases out of court, so usually my clients don't have to step foot in a court house. I make every effort to achieve a fair settlement without the need for litigation. Second, I approach all cases with honesty and integrity in my dealings with the other parties so that our mutual morals and ethics are at the forefront of all negotiations and proceedings in your case. Whenever possible I will use alternative dispute resolution procedures like mediation or arbitration to reach a favorable and fair result without going to trial. However, if a court action is required, I will not hesitate to vigorously fight for justice in your case.

The reality is sometimes a case needs to go through the court system. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do require that you file a lawsuit before they will pay a fair amount on your claim. If your case does need to go to court to be resolved, I will handle your case keeping your and my mutual moral and ethical values in mind. Going to court to tell the truth about what happened to you is not an immoral act. The American court system, with all of its flaws, is the best in the world. If you and I determine we need to go to court, we should not hesitate to file suit to find justice. In court, we will tell your side of the story, truthfully and faithfully. We will tell how the accident happened, how you were injured, the treatment you had to receive to recover or how you were not able to fully recover. And then we will ask the judge or the jury to award what is fair. Simple as that. I have found over the years that being honest and forthright has always worked in my clients favor. It is possible to aggressively pursue justice in the courts while maintaining our mutual moral values during the process.

I am available to meet with you, without charge for a consultation, to discuss your case, your moral and ethical concerns, the possibility of reaching an out of court settlement, and the court process. I do not charge a fee unless I accept and win or settle your case.

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