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What to do First

When you are injured due to the fault of another person it is important you act quickly to preserve your rights. Go to the emergency room the same day as the accident. Do not decline an ambulance if one is offered. Get checked out by a physician. Follow up with your family doctor. Many people who are injured with a concussion, brain injury or even serious back injury do not feel the injury even though the damage has occurred.  

Immediately after going to the emergency room and the same day of the injury, call our office. We do not charge for a consultation and you want to talk to us before you give a taped statement to an insurance company, before you meet with an insurance company representative and before you sign anything. 

Do not leave “gaps” in your treatment. Most people who are injured in car accidents require many months of physical therapy, massage therapy or chiropractic treatment before they fully heal. Some people have life threatening conditions to their spinal cords and don't realize they are walking time bombs. Go to the doctor, take the medications prescribed and go to all your physical therapy appointments and meetings with specialists like surgeons and pain relief physicians.

We do not charge a fee unless we are able to settle or otherwise recover for you on your claim. There is no risk and no obligation. Call us immediately if you are injured.

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